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The Best Time Of Day To Catch Fish

Is there a certain time of day that's better than another to catch fish? Sure there is, but it's not like you can look at a clock and say, "at 2:00 on Thursday afternoon the fish will be biting." The best time to catch fish isn't that scientific (although some people will have you believe it is!), but there are certain times that are better than others. So how do we go about figuring out when the best time to fish is? It's really much more simple than you might have imagined or been led to believe.

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The best time of day to catch fish revolves around two main factors in freshwater. The weather and the moon. These two forces of Mother Nature have as much to do with you catching fish, as any two single factors. As a matter of fact, in many cases the weather and moon probably play a bigger role in you catching or not catching fish than the type of bait you use!

It's true, these two forces of Mother Nature play a very big role in the activity level of fish, and what do you suppose happens when fish tend to be more active? That's right, they feed more, which means that you'll get more bites! So, how do you find out how the weather and moon affect fishing, and then use this information to your advantage?

Simply by doing a little studying. Don't worry, I'm not referring to getting a doctorate in meteorology, I'm just referring to learning a little about how to use said information to your advantage as an angler. Simple things like spending more time on the water when the moon is in a certain phase, can make a dramatic difference in your hook up rates. Or spending time on the water when a certain type of frontal system has just passed through your fishing area, can make a big difference in fish activity.

Knowing this information, and using it to your advantage is a great idea for any angler. The bottom line is that the best time of day to catch fish varies, but you can be on the water at the proper times by understanding the weather and moon and how each of these factors impacts fish and fish behavior. This stuff isn't rocket science, and any angler can learn what they need to know in about an hour. Do yourself a favor and start using the weather and moon to your advantage when fishing.

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