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Tips For Fishing With Live Bait

Who couldn't use some tips for fishing with live bait? It seems tome that any angler worth his or her salt should always be interested in making themselves a more effective angler? I know this is certainly the case for me, and in this article I'm going to reveal some great tips for fishing with live bait that will help you catch more fish as soon as you implement them.

What's the biggest key in fishing with live bait, in your opinion? Through many years of fishing I've realized that the biggest key to fishing with live bait is that your bait appears as natural as possible. For example, if you're using a worm for bait you want that worm to appear as much like it would naturally as you possibly can. This means outstretched, the way God intended. Yet many anglers "thread" live worms onto hooks, and they end up appearing anything but natural. They end up looking much more like a worm ball than a live worm. The result of this is that nothing but smaller inexperienced fish will bite the offering.

Another consideration when fishing with live bait is smell. Many freshwater fish, such as trout, walleye, and smallmouth bass, have very sensitive senses of smell, and if they detect unnatural odors on live bait they tend not to bite. This is why making sure that your hands are free of any unnatural odors (that will transfer to the bait), such as gasoline or nicotine, is a must in fishing with live bait. The tip that I use is this: simply grab a handful of grass or dirt and rub it into your hands before baiting up. This will eliminate any unnatural odors that may be on your hands.

Another great tip is to use the weather and moon to your advantage when live bait fishing. I realize that this may sound strange, but the weather and moon have as much to do with fish biting as your bait! This is why understanding the weather and moon, and their relation to fishing is important. Why not use this kind of FREE info to your advantage when you can?

For the problem that I discussed earlier of presenting live bait in a natural manner, you should do some research into gang hooks. Gang hooks are the best way to present live bait (especially live worms) in a completely natural manner. You see, a set of pre-tied gang hooks that are made properly (with small hooks) make your bait appear like it has no hooks in it. Don't you think this would be an advantage? It most certainly is.

Start using one or all of these live bait fishing tips sooner rather than later, and you will be a much more successful live bait angler. And isn't that what we as anglers all want? To catch more and bigger fish, thus being more successful. It most certainly is for me. Give these simple tips a shot, and see what happens. You won't be disappointed.

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