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Below you will find a selection of trout baits that we use to help us catch more trout. As you have probably noticed from our site, we are quite partial to the good old American earthworm and a set of gang hooks, but don't sleep on the Berkley 3" floating trout worm or Gulp Alive trout worm, both of which are very effective trout baits when live fishing worms aren't available. And just so you know, JRW gang hooks are the best and most natural way to present any worm (including the artificial varieties) while worm fishing. They also work very well for Berkley Power Bait and the like, which you will find below. If fact, our hooks are probably the best way to present Powerbait as well as all types of fishing worms.

Remember most Power bait floats, so when you're still fishing off of the shore and there are two balls of Powerbait floating off of your bottom rig, rather that just one, don't you think it will increase your chances of hooking up? It always has for us. If you're ever looking for tips on exactly how to use any of the fishing tackle or other gear you see on our site, check out our article pages, blog, or drop us a line and ask us. We're here to help you catch more fish in any way that we can.

Let's face it, on many streams, rivers, and lakes, state regulations prohibit you from using live trout bait. That's where these products come into the picture. The next time you're out trout fishing, try some Berkley Powerbait, Powerbait trout worms, or an artificial fly fished with a casting bubble. All species of trout will readily bite these popular trout baits. If you would like to learn more about what this stuff is, simply click on the term:  trout baits.

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