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Light Line Trout Fishing

Light Line Trout Fishing has a ton of specials going on with their various trout fishing lures.

In my opinion, trout fishing should only be attempted while using light line and light gear. I've seen many anglers out on the water that employ rods, reels, and line that's entirely too heavy for trout fishing. Haven't you ever seen leftover fishing line along your favorite river, stream, or lake that's heavy enough to be used for fishing for small sharks? This heavy line is completely unnecessary, especially when fishing for our friends "the trout". I personally don't use any line heavier than 4 pound test for trout fishing, and think that anything over 6 pound test being spooled on your reel is overkill.

Using light line is not only more productive, it's also much more humane. When I say humane, I simply mean that fishing is supposed to be a sport, which means that the fish should have a fighting chance to escape. I have a hard time understanding how "winching" a fish in is any fun, and with a lot of the setups and leftover line I see along the water, that's exactly what many anglers do and are doing. Using light line is more productive because the lighter your fishing line, the less visible it is to the fish. If the fish are less apt to see your line, which is the case with 4 or 6 lb test, you will get more bites.

If you're thinking that light line won't allow you to catch large fish, keep in mind that I regularly catch 2-5 pound fish on 4 pound test monofilament fishing line. I, of course, couldn't land a 10 pound Steelhead on the setup that I'm referring to, but that's not a possibility anyway. My rod and reel that are spooled with for pound test is used for my river and stream trout fishing (and Smallmouth Bass). I have other setups for larger fish. Keep in mind that 4 pound test can withstand 4 pounds of dead weight art its weakest point. And this doesn't take into account that the "bend" in the rod and the drag of the reel takes pressure off of the line while fighting a fish as well. You can catch much larger fish than you may believe on four to six pound test.

As a matter of fact, I've never had a trout (or any other fish) break me off. That is to say, I've never had a trout pull with such force that it broke my line. I've had their teeth eventually wear through my line, but that's why this is called fishing and not catching. My point to this entire article is to help you realize that light line should be used when trout fishing. As I said, it not only adds to the sport, but it's also much more effective. The lighter your fishing line, the more trout you will catch, it's as simple as that.

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