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Trout Fishing Bait

When it comes to trout fishing bait, what's an anglers best option? Is it live bait such as: worms, maggots, minnows, or crayfish? Or are synthetic baits such as: Power bait, Power Nuggets, and marshmallows a better bet? What about old stand bys like cheese and corn for trout fishing bait? There are even very effective lures that can be used as trout fishing bait , so which is the best approach?

Not to sound like a politician, but they all have their good points, which I will discuss in this article. There are some simple things that can be done no matter which type of bait you use, such as employing a set of gang hooks that will make all of your bait fishing that much more successful, and much more successful when using live worms as trout fishing bait.

Some trout anglers may get upset that I didn't include insects in this discussion. Of course, insects are a major part of a trout's diet, but hey, most insects are too small to be used as "bait". Thus, we have that group of trout anglers known as "flea flickers". I tend to leave the flicking of the fleas to those anglers who choose to do so. For me, these more traditional trout fishing baits are my passion, especially the live worm.

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