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JRW Fishing.com ~ Wristies�For all of you fishermen who are like us and fish all year long, you know how difficult it can be to keep your hands warm when the weather gets begins to get cold or is cold such as in the fall. When this happens having a good pair of fall fishing gloves is incredibly important if you want to keep your hands warm. For example, I was out doing some fall trout fishing a year or so ago in November when the air temperature was in the 40's and I began to catch a ton of trout (using pre-tied gang hooks of course). After catching and subsequently releasing two or three of these nice rainbow trout my hands became so cold, I literally thought that they might fall off. It was terrible, so after the trip I began to look for some quality fishing gloves.

After some trial and error we discovered what we believe to be the best and most comfortable fingerless fishing gloves on the market. These bad boys make the best fall fishing gloves that we have ever come across. We have found that when fishing, especially when we are drift fishing in a river or stream when air temperatures are cool to cold, being able to have our fingers unfettered is of the utmost importance, and the fingerless fishing gloves known as Wristies accomplish this task perfectly. These gloves are soft and keep your hands warm while leaving your fingers and fingertips unencumbered for baiting up, tying knots, and feeling your fishing line for bites. These gloves are the perfect gloves for fishing when air temperatures are anywhere from 30-50 degrees and also make great glove liners anytime that you are fishing in temperatures below 30 degrees

 JRW Fishing.com ~ Wristies�Much like the JRW Bait Bag, Wristies fingerless fishing gloves are an amazingly simple concept, yet incredibly practical. Just like the bait bag, these fishing gloves will make you a much more efficient and effective angler. As we said, cold hands can ruin a fishing trip and Wristies are the solution to that problem. Just like all other JRW products, you're going to wonder how you ever went fishing in cool to cold weather without a pair of Wristies fishing gloves.

 In our continuing effort to save our customers money we're offering these incredible fingerless gloves at a 30% discount over what they can be purchased for elsewhere. That's right; we have Black Wristies available to JRW customers for only $10.00 per pair! It's our off season special. You won't find a better deal on these unique fingerless gloves, so place your order today!

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JRW Fishing.com ~ Wristies�Sizing for Wristies is pretty simple and only come in black:

Adult Large Measuring about 10.5" long, Adult Large Wristies fingerless gloves/glove liners fit most medium to large sized hands including most men, older teen boys, and women with large hands.

Adult Small - Measuring 9.5" long, Adult Small Wristies fingerless gloves/glove liners fit small-medium sized hands including women and teens-older teen boys usually wear Adult Large.

Either size, small or large, are only $11.00 per pair, so order a pair today.

In the event that you don't believe us, take a look at what some of JRW's customers had to say about the incredible fingerless gloves/glove liners called Wristies:

"My Wristies have become a regular part of my fishing gear whenever the weather is the least bit cold. I love them!" Sue Babcock Hickory, NC

"Here in Northern California it can get quite cold while trout fishing (especially when my hands are wet) and my Wristies help me keep my hands warm." Ken Coker Pondosa, CA

I like to wear my Wristies under my gloves as glove liners while ice fishing. Then when I take my gloves off, my hands are still protected. Wristies are the most comfortable glove liners I've ever come across. I love them for Steelhead fishing also. Brent Jemmings Muskegon, MI

The Best Gloves For Fishing

When the weather turns cold there may be no more important piece of fishing gear than your fishing gloves. Below I will review 2 of the best styles of gloves for fishing in cool to cold weather. I use them both and both styles of gloves a great for different fishing scenarios. Depending on your favorite style of fishing one of these gloves are probably perfect for you, or if you're like me both styles of gloves need to have a place in your fishing arsenal.

If you've ever had the pleasure of being on the water and having your hands feel like a pair of popsicles attached to your arms you know exactly what I'm referring to. I most certainly have, and I can tell you having freezing cold hands will stop a fishing trip faster than a wife who hasn't been taken on a dinner date in three months! This is why gloves are so important when fishing in cold, or even cool, weather.

I personally keep my fishing gloves (both styles) in my fishing vest at all times, just in case they're needed. Better safe than sorry, that's what I say.

  1. Neoprene Fishing Gloves - The great thing about neoprene gloves is that these gloves are 100% waterproof, which is nice for handling/releasing fish, because once your hands get wet in cold temperatures the problems begin. A good thickness for the neoprene in this style of fishing glove is 2mm. There will then be some sort of waterproof coating around the neoprene, making these gloves very warm and waterproof. Any angler who fishes in really cold temperatures, like steelhead and ice fishermen, need to have a pair of neoprene fishing gloves at their disposal at all times to keep their hands warm.
  2. Fleece Fingerless Fishing Gloves - These gloves are great because they are so comfortable. The downside of fingerless fishing gloves is that your fingers can still become quite cold in extreme temperatures. It's a great idea to wear these fishing gloves when the temperatures aren't frigid or as glove liners when the temperatures are. I wear my fleece fingerless gloves in the spring and fall seasons as well as in the winter under my neoprene gloves. This type of glove makes a great fishing glove, especially when finger dexterity is needed and temeratures arten't too extreme.

The bottom line is that these two styles of gloves are the best styles for fishing and any serious angler should employ at least one of them. Having your hands comfortable when you're on the water is of the utmost importance when the temperatures start to drop.

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