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The name of this website includes the initials of our websites cofounders' late father (JRW) who dedicated his life to fishing, specifically ultra light trout fishing and river fishing. Throughout this mans life he developed some simple river fishing techniques and river and trout fishing tips to make his experience more effective and enjoyable on the water. Our goal is to provide you with fishing gear, products, and information born from JRW's idea's so that you can catch more fish (especially if you are fishing in a river). You will find information on this site relating to all manners of fishing, with and emphasis on trout fishing and river fishing for freshwater trout, especially rainbow trout. If you are looking for trout fishing tips, you have come to the right place.   On this site you will find information, tips, techniques, and the best trout fishing gear to will make you a better angler and help you catch more fish on your next fishing excursion.  It doesn't matter whether you are river fishing for rainbow trout or smallmouth bass or want to learn how to catch a trout for the first time, we can help.

Although we fish for many species of fish, we specialize on wading and catching rainbow trout. We prefer to fish with ultralivght gear, meaning and ultralight rod and reel, usually spooled with four pound test fishing line. In recent years much of our time involves trout fishing and more specifically rainbow trout fishing. We have been fishing in small rivers or streams for more than two decades and love to fish moving water while wading, often for rainbow trout. For this reason many of the trout fishing tips, techniques, and innovative fishing gear that can be found on this website relate to this type and style of fishing. You will find unique products such as JRW gang hooks or bait bag, knot cards which teach you how to tie the most popular fishing knots, and other innovative fishing gear that will help you to catch more fish no matter what kind of fishing techniques you choose to employ. Our goal is to provide high quality fishing equipment, information, and products at a reasonable price while at the same time delivering outstanding service. If you like to trout fish while wading and doing so while using ultralight gear, JRWfishing will be a Godsend to you.

 JRWfishing.com has a wealth of valuable information and products that will help you maximize your time on the water and most importantly, catch more fish! Our fishing hooks are well known as being some of the best trout fishing hooks that money can buy, and are definitely a must have for anyone who enjoys a fishing technique known as drift fishing.

We have e-books on subjects such as;  advanced trout fishing techniques, the best trout bait and baits, and trout fishing for beginners, all of which provide great trout fishing tips, river fishing tips, and river fishing techniques that will help you catch more fish. These resources are available if you are a trout fishing beginner to someone who wants to get a little more "in depth" when it comes to the subject of fishing for trout, how to catch trout, or the best trout bait for a given trout fishing scenario.

Whether you use live bait such as live worms, such as night crawlers or red worms, while river fishing (this is our specialty by the way and live worms are probably the best bait to use while you are river fishing while wading), Powerbait or similar dough style trout bait, or small spinners and/or spoons while river fishing, on JRWfishing you will find quality information to help you on your next river fishing excursion. Many of these fishing tips and fishing techniques aren't for trout fishing exclusively and can be used just as successfully for fishing for any species of fish that is found in freshwater. Although many of our tips are considered trout fishing tips and techniques the same tips and techniques can also be considered river fishing tips and river fishing techniques for any species of fish. For example we use and have used all of the information and products outlined and offered on this site to catch many fish species other than trout including; rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, whitefish and even walleye. All of the information on this website comes directly from "real world" fishing experience.

About JRW Fishing Accessories

We are located in Northwest Montana in the heart of what many people consider God's country and one of the best places on earth to fish for and catch rainbow trout. Although central/southern Montana is more renowned and has more blue ribbon trout rivers available for fishing, Northwest Montana offers scenery, solitude, and a native rainbow trout population that can be difficult to beat in any part of Montana or the country for that matter. Artificial flies are very popular trout bait in this part of the world, but we at JRWfishing aren't fly fishermen. We instead choose to use ultralight fishing gear and employ more natural and traditional forms of trout bait. There are three major rivers available for river fishing in our part of Northwest Montana, where we have spent time polishing many of our trout fishing tips and river fishing techniques.

Our two favorite local rivers are the Swan and Thompson Rivers which are small rivers that are perfect for river fishing while wading, and are both beautiful trout fishing rivers that contain both native cutthroat and rainbow trout. Many river fishing techniques are effective in both of these rivers including ultra light spin fishing with various forms of trout bait as well as all manners of fly fishing. While the best trout bait and trout fishing technique will vary from day to day and river to river, it seems like you can always find a great place to go river fishing and/or learn how to catch a trout in this part of the world.

The bottom line is that if you are in search of trout fishing tips and trout fishing techniques, river fishing tips and/or river fishing techniques or are in need of quality trout fishing gear, JRWfishing and Northwest Montana are for you. Around here learning how to catch a trout isn't very difficult at all, and once you master some advanced trout fishing techniques, trophy trout (which we consider to be trout over twenty inches) become a fairly common occurrence as well.

If you are looking to go trout fishing, especially in Northwest Montana, you may want to check out Glacier National Park an excellent river fishing resource and to find more information simply click here.


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