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"The only way the worms come out
is if you fall in!"


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The JRW bait bag is the most efficient and effective way ever created to carry live worms while fishing. If you enjoy fishing with live worms, especially if you enjoy wade fishing and using live fishing worms as bait for freshwater fish species such as trout, smallmouth bass, or even walleye, the fishing worm carrier known as the JRW bait bag will be invaluable to you. We have been using a worm bag to carry our live worms while wade fishing for more than two decades and it has become impossible for us to go wade fishing without one. This easy to use device is simply put the easiest to use and most convenient live worm carrier available to fishermen and will become your favorite piece of wade fishing gear.


JRW Fishing Bait PouchHere's another thing to consider - are you tired of carrying around those bulky plastic or Styrofoam worm container with you when you are fishing with live worms? Even worse- tired of seeing all of the empty worm containers on the ground at your favorite fishing spot? With the JRW bait bag worm pouch these problems are eliminated. The worms from the worm container (that is often Styrofoam) are removed and placed into your worm bag. This way the original worm container that the bait was sold to you in stays at your vehicle, house, or camp and never even has a chance to be "forgotten" along the bank.


To use the JRW Bait bag, begin by purchasing live worms just as you normally would. When you get to your favorite fishing spot, simply remove the live worms from the container that you purchased them in and place them into the JRW Bait Bag (not the dirt, just the worms themselves). That's it; push the worms down into the worm bag with your finger, and you're good to go. You see, live worms like to burrow and that exactly what they do when they are placed into this unique worm container. They literally "burrow" into the bait bag as if they are "waiting" to be used as bait. It's so convenient having your fishing worms literally at your fingertips while you are fishing (especially if you are wade fishing) that you won't believe it. By using The JRW bait bag worm bag baiting up and re-baiting literally takes seconds, saving you a ton of valuable fishing time. When the fishing day is through, any live worms that haven't been used can be placed back into the worm container that they were originally purchased in and kept in a refrigerator for the next time that you head out wade fishing.


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Many customers ask us if the worms try to crawl out of the bag they don't! They simply "burrow" into the bait bag worm pouch and wait to be used, so when you need to bait up or re-bait, you simply place your thumb and fore finger into the worm bag and pull a live fishing worm out!


The JRW bait bag live worm bag is equipped with a heavy duty alligator clip that allows you to clip this live worm carrier onto your fishing vest, belt, shirt, or wherever you see fit in order to carry you live fishing worms while you are on the water. Another thing that customers have asked is, "Do the worms get hot in the bag?" The answer is, no more than they would in any other worm container and the great thing about this worm bag is that on particularly hot days, the live worm carrier can easily be unclipped and "dipped" into the river that you are fishing which will aide in keeping your live worms cool and lively. Then the worm bag is clipped back to where you keep it and you're good to go.


There is no doubt that the JRW bait bag worm pouch is a "must" for anyone who likes fishing with live worms, especially if they are wade fishing in a river or stream. Fishing with live worms will be so much more productive with the JRW worm bag that you'll wonder how you ever fishing without one!


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What?  You don't believe us about the JRW Bait Bag?  Here's what some customers had to say about the New JRW Bait Bag:


 "This is the best way that I've ever seen for carrying my live worms while fishing.  I love my new JRW Bait Bag!"

Jonathon Ogdens
Provo Utah

 "How did I ever fish with live worms without this thing?  Who knows, but I never will again."

George Wilson
Lexington Kentucky

"I couldn't believe it but my worms didn't crawl out!  They just sit there waiting to be used.  It's amazing!  I love my bait bag."

Nick Corson
Bend Oregon

"I used to carry my worm container with me while I fished and it was a pain in the butt.  Now I don't have to worry about carrying that stupid container with me anymore, I just leave it in my car."

Darryl Jones
Berwick Pennsylvania

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